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Daniela Sievers
In Germany:

D-79263 Simonswald

Lomba da Pedreira-Nordeste

This website is a private website and therefore not indexed by google.

you can only see my private website if you know my domain.


The website cannot collect any data from you,

regarding contact form, webshop, blog, external links, youtube integration, as these functions are not used in and with the website and have not been activated/installed.


The website uses only own copyrighted intellectual property of daniela sievers in the form of cap files on my former hidrive website as well as my scores (pdf files), my audio's (compositions), videos, photo material, photo documentations, pdf files which are included in a photo book

(see also the copyright page).


The website uses individual services from the website

provider such as the pdf-book. in this area, data may be collected from you by the website provider/third party provider when you click on the corresponding page.

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